Emanuele Curati

I am a developer.

“If something is expensive to develop, and somebody’s not going to get paid, it won’t get developed. So you decide: Do you want software to be written, or not?”  – B. Gates

about me

Who Am I

Emanuele Curati, 25 years old, is a developer highly specialized on Microsoft platforms. After a first period of full immersion in .NET Framework’s world using Windows Forms, WPF, Asp.Net, now he specialized on web, cloud and mobile technologies.

His main activity is focused on developing applications and websites based on .NET and empowered by the cloud. To do that he uses latest technologies available on the market including ASP.NET Core, Docker, Azure Service Fabric.

He develops also mobile applications for Android and iOS using both C# with Xamarin (native applications) and TypeScript (hybrid applications).

Emanuele is also an active member of the italian community; he writes and is system administrator on one of the biggest italian website dedicated entirely to Microsoft’s world: WindowsBlogItalia.com. For WindowsBlogItalia, he manages server, develops custom apps/services and writes technical articles, products reviews and tutorials to help users.

Fun Fact

100+ websites created / modified

1.000.000+ app downloads

8 well-known programming languages

100% love for coding



May 2017 – current

Senior Developer

Crédit Agricole Group Solutions.

In “multichannel” department of Crédit Agricole Group Solutions, a company that develops services for banks of Crédit Agricole Italia group, I’m engaged in applicative and architectural projects. I mainly work on NowBanking mobile app but I also collaborate on other projects with other colleagues.

During the work experience at Crédit Agricole Group Solutions, I improve management skills and I apply all knowledge acquired during past experiences in an “enterprise” context.

Sep 2012 – May 2017

Junior Developer

Teknomaint Sistemi Informatici SRL.

I mainly develop applications and websites based on Microsoft platform to interface Teseo, the ERP software developed from the company during last fifteen years. Working with Boschi Simone, senior developer and company CEO, I develop an e-commerce, a software for cash registers, an application installed in on PC for an alimentary factory environment and other small projects.

Since october 2014 I work like main developer on Teseo’s source code. The project use Delphi language and a complex Oracle database.



Perito industriale capotecnico con specializzazione Informatica

I.T.I.S. Leonardo Da Vinci Parma

During the three years of specialization in computer science, I followed various advanced courses on mathematical problems and computing; in particular, I attended a course in cryptography to understand, through the help of experts in the field, how cryptographic algorithms work and are implemented in Java.


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